Kent Mattsson, owner

IT experience
20 years experience from the IT sector, in leading positions in a Nordic operation. Particular experience in general management with focus on change management during years of growth and during recession and downsizing with listed company under both Swedish and American ownership.

The IT sector's ups and down during the last two decades have resulted in in-depth knowledge of financial management, structural and organizational change processes and trained me in situation and state of market adjusted leadership.

Sales and Professional Services
Coming from a background in sales and working with professional services organizations my major strengths consist of excellent skills in creating and tending enduring business relations and in successfully navigating within complex product and services sales environments.

I have thorough experience from industrial and wholesale businesses as well as installation work within business systems.

My main focus
My focus is on increased sales, stronger customer focus and new and improved products. My drivers are my curiosity and my conviction that continuous development and innovation benefit the business, the organization, customers and employees.

Recent assignments

Feb  2010 -     Gävle Energi AB

Sept 2009 -     Sandviken Energi AB

Experience Summary
2009 -            Management Consultant

2008 - 2009     Area President, IBS

2007 - 2008     Managing Director, IBS Sweden
                     VP Sales, IBS Nordics

2005 – 2001     Business Area Director, IBS Sweden

2001 - 2005     Regional Director, IBS Sweden

1999 - 2001     Professional Services Director, IBS Sweden

1995 - 1999     Business Area Manager, IBS Sweden

1988 - 1995     Project Manager, IBS Sweden
                     Consultant, IBS Sweden



phone: +46 70 546 37 07